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From Pain to Purpose

It has been 7 years since I became a divorcee. I never imagined the pain of walking away from the idea of something you imagined having for a lifetime.

Since then, I have made it my purpose to provide for my children but most of all, become aware of who I want to become and what I desire in a mate.

The pain of being unaware will have you settling for a perception of your desires. Receiving the bare minimum because you're unaware that your every desire awaits you if you simply take your time and enjoy life’s experiences as you journey through life finding your place.

Letting go can be one of the hardest things to do. The feeling of losing out on something has often caused many of us to wither, stunning our ability to fully live in those moments. It occurs more often than we'd like but it's our responsibility to become so aware of ourselves that we begin to choose life in those moments. Making the decision to show up for ourselves in through moments where we are unaware of where we are going.

The first step is Finding You! Once you have found yourself, begin to plan out the life you desire and show up by putting yourself in places and checking off you accomplishments.

As I was checking off my boxes while working on my plan, I stumbled right into the author of ‘From Pain to Pleasure’ Saria Tillman. Here I was working a second job to invest in my business. I didn't think I’d be running into a potential partnership. One night I decided to practice pitching my books just to find out Saria and I shared similar stories and goals. We immediately purchased each others books and… whew!!! She did not hold back. From the dedication throughout her story, Saria uses comedy to deliver her truth. The strength it takes to make humor out of your pain is outstanding but it also shows acceptance, humility, and courage.

Although this year is at its end, my new beginning have already begun‼️

You can find your copy of ‘From Pain to Purpose’ on Amazon. Link below⬇️

From Pain To Purpose by: Saria Tillman

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