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There was a time where I could only image becoming more. I must admit, I did not ever image my elevation being as dynamic as it has been.

Going through the motions I could not see ME. I did not reasons for the seasons, nor did I see the beauty in the storms.

One day in the midst of my world crumbling upside down, the Universe sent me my reflection. My best friend, accountability partner, sister-from-another-mother, business partner, and inspiration. She reminded me of who I was and pushed me to evolve.

That was back in 2014. Oh My! A decade.

It has been a decade of pushing and pulling, laughs and tears, heartaches and accomplishments, as we strive to evolve into the women, we desire the be with life's never-ending goals. Yet, looking back on that day we met... We are Warriors compared to innocence souls we were. We no longer want for the world to show us a way. We pursue our dreams strategically!

It took a bit of time, but I found me. Are you ready to find YOU?

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